Debt Slavery’s Effect on the Future

The social consequences of debt include a covetous and inflationary society. When men spend prospective and still future earnings in the present, then, as the present passes, they are chained to their past spending by debt. Debt becomes a form of karma, a past which governs the present and the future and produces a society with a closed future. The slavery of debt binds man to the worst in their past; their debt-living cripples their present and helps determine and limit their future.

~R.J. Rushdoony

The issues of personal debt and the debt based monetary system we have in the Federal Reserve are the great sins of our generation. Churchmen don’t address them because its easier to denounce the sins of the pagans. Since most Christians haven’t had an abortion or been engaged in homosexuality, those are the sins we speak out against. But brethren, Judgment starts at the House of God and we have much to repent of. Our callus disregard for the bible’s guidelines concerning debt have made us a useless group of slaves. We can’t afford to be future oriented, because we’ve sold our future. Even the paper we call “money” is nothing more than a debt instrument and a means for the banking establishment to rob and steal even more of our future. For years no one railed against the FED because we loved paying yesterdays debt off with todays cheaper dollars. Those who have saved money and stayed out of debt fared the worst, losing almost all their buying power. Where are the sermons against the Federal Reserve? Where are sermons being preached against debt in general and the biblical limit of 6 years for any debt. I won’t even get into usury! Debt is one of the chief sins that has made God’s people the tail and not the head. Until we address this sin in a serious manner there is no hope to change the future. May God raise up a generation who steers clear of debt and can afford to think in terms of the future.


One response to this post.

  1. Amen! We felt the strong conviction of the Lord, to be not slaves to debt. Yes, we were once caught up in slavery, but were convicted, prayed for guidance and worked to get away from this slavery. Although we still have monthly utilities, we are debt free and what a blessing it is.

    Blessings for you and your family this week,


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