Why we don’t want to be like the Puritans

Within the Reformed faith we have what I call the “neo puritans”. Folks obsessed with being just like the English Puritans in every way. Now, there is much to like about the Puritans but we must hold them up to the Deut 28 test and ask what went wrong with these people before we dedicate our lives to imitating them. As great as they were, within a few generations the New England Puritans became Unitarians and some of the families went on to establish luciferian secret societies for crying out loud! Is that what we want, our grandchildren denying the faith and working for the New World Order gang? I dare say we should spend our time figuring out what about the Puritans we should NOT emulate. Lets examine the past and learn from it, being future oriented. Otherwise we can plan on history reaping itself over and over. Then when we’re dead someone can dig up our old writings and seeing how smart we were will want to be just like us too. Its an ugly cycle.


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  1. Posted by rsaenz on January 30, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    The Deuteronomy 28 test? We can’t even pass the Gamaliel test! “For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” (Acts 5:38-9)


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