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John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere

Recently heard this song and thought it was great. Its refreshing to hear real country music again!


Grass is green, things are good

I know that its been a while since I’ve posted anything here. We are doing well and have been fairly busy on the farm. Cows are out on grass and so are the dry cows and most of the heifers. It was May 1st when we turned out this year, grass was slow to start. Cows have been outside for a month or so eating hay and baleage but now that they are eating grass production has jumped and we are almost filling the bulk tank to the top.

The past week or so we have been busy building new fence and fixing existing fence. We still have a lot of work to do. Today we worked on a 35 acre dry cow pasture back in the woods. The milk cows are back in a new pasture we’ve been working on. Lots of clover, treefoil, vetch, broome grass and orchard grass; a true smorgasbord. I love this time of year! The boys have been helping with fence work and as always we see a lot of wildlife while on the job.

Still haven’t planted anything in the garden. It is plowed and disced though, and as soon as its dry enough to get back on it we will get started. It don’t pay to get started to durn early in northern NY anyway. Snowed a week ago and it might snow on the Lord’s Day again.

We’ve got fresh pork in the freezer and a few steers growing. We have 175 chicks coming in a few weeks and picked up 50 today. The cornish cross chick we got today were a real bargain and we might be able to get another 50 or so for the crazy price of 25 cents a piece. The folks at the farm down the road knew a guy that knew a guy that worked at a big hatchery that wanted to get rid of the extra chicks from a hatching. They usually just kill the little things when they have to many in a batch, so I’m glad we got some.

The boys are all growing up and learning the business. It is such a blessing to be able to work with my sons everyday. Little Esther is getting bigger too, and I love having a little girl around. Our newest addition should be here in early July and I’m exited to meet this little Terry.

Promise to blog more regular…