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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite celebration of the year. A day to give thanks to the Triune God for all of the gifts he has bestowed on his covenant people. This year I have much to be thankful for. First and foremost I am thankful for redemption in Jesus Christ, something which I do not deserve but receive by Grace. So much has happened to our family this last year, much of which was very hard to understand and deal with at the time. But, God has plans much better and wiser than our own, and He has blessed us abundantly! I am expecting my fifth child, another arrow for the Lord. I have a wonderful wife, 3 fine sons and a beautiful daughter. We have a faithful new church to worship at. We have an excellent new farm and for the first time in a long time our farming future looks great. This Thanksgiving I have a renewed Hope and greater vision for our family, one of Victory through Christ.

Wishing all of you a blessed Thanksgiving Day, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


GMO Eggplants are Coming

Thanks to the Dervaes Family for bring this to my attention. Genetically Modified Bt-brinjal is about to be unleashed in India. In the next 3 years over a dozen GMO vegetables may be on the market there. Read the stories Here and

Austrian Economics, Compatable With Christianity?

Few things I’ve written about on the internet have earned me more hate mail than my condemnation of the sacred “Austrian School” of economics. I’ve gotten used to being hated by the Left, the Right and most people in between. So I thought I’d risk offending whats left of my readership this little gem.

Over at the Front Porch Republic site I came across an article titled The “One Salvation” of Ludwig von Mises. The article is written by a Catholic who is tired watching the Catholic intelligentsia defend and promote Austrian Economics. I was at once interested because I am a grumpy reformed guy who has long been sick of watching the Reformed intelligentsia do the same thing. A good number of my brothers and sisters in the Christian Reconstruction and Christian Agrarian movements seem to favor the economic theory of Mises and company and if I dare question it I am often accused of being a socialist or a communist. I assure them that I hate Capitalism, communism, socialism and fascism equally. My position has always been that the Austrian School makes “The Market” its god and has no room for the Law of God. It is built on anti-christian principles and is best suited for godless libertarians, not the people of the Triune God. John Médaille provides us, in his article, with some damning information on Mises. Bellow are some key points.

In response to those who think the Austrian School is compatible with Christianity….

Still, there is one scholar who was absolute in his opposition to such a notion, who declared, over and over again, the fundamental opposition between the Austrian School and any genuine understanding of Christianity.

That scholar was Ludwig von Mises.

He goes on to quote Mises himself….

“A living Christianity,” said Mises, “cannot exist side by side with, and within, Capitalism” (Quoted in Jorg Guido Hulsmann, Mises, the Last Knight of Liberalism, p. 982). Later in his career, Mises would allow that Christianity could exist within capitalism, but only if the Christians kept their opinions to themselves, only if they were marginalized and kept apart from the political and economic orders.

Mises’ true allegiance lies with the Enlightenment and the French Revolution…

Mises considered himself a “man of 1789, an heir of the Enlightenment,” that is, a man of the French Revolution. And the great advantage of the French Revolution, from the standpoint of liberalism, was that it destroyed the older social order in general and the social authority of the Church in particular. As Mises himself put it, “for us and for humanity there is only one salvation: return to the rationalistic liberalism of the ideas of 1789” (Mises, Nation, State and Economy, p. 239.)

There’s more where that came from and I encourage you to read the whole article for yourselves. I pray that we might see the day when Christians can work on a working model of Christian economic theory and we won’t have to watch men that should know better spend all their time baptizing Von Mises and his Antichrist economics.

News, Comments and Thoughts for The Week

After a nasty cold snap, with a little snow, we have been enjoying a warm and sunny week up in the North Country. I haven’t posted here in a while and figured I ought to.

The first bit of news to share is very exciting, and those who keep track of us on Facebook have already heard. It seems that Lord has seen fit to bless us with another covenant child! We are expecting our 5th child sometime in July. We have already found a homebirth midwife up here which was our only real concern. We are all so very thankful and very excited.

In the barn we have been working on getting the pipeline extended and getting the rest of the stalls fitted with drinking cups. I’ve only got 3 more uprights to install and then we can start thinking about hanging the stainless steel. The cows are doing very well, in fact our SSC is averaging about 98,000 and our fat has been 5.30%. We had a production set back because of some moldy baleage that caused the girls to go off feed for a few days. They are starting to pick back up now. I am so thankful to be milking in such a nice facility. Chores are so much more enjoyable here than they were at the other farm.

One of our Amish neighbor’s house burned down the other day. It caught fire while they were rendering lard. Its been neat to watch the whole community rebuild it for them. Watching the Amish make one realize just how far our culture has deteriorated.

I finally found the full length version of The World According to Monsanto on Google Video. I posted it for you to watch Here

Speaking of Monsanto, did you see that lord Obama has appointed former VP Michael Taylor to be the Food Safety Czar More proof that Obama works for the same elite crooks that Bush SR and W did. Taylor is responsible in large part for the GMO nightmare and I hope this will wake up some in the Organic industry that think this fascist puppet in the Whitehouse gives tinkers fart about anyone other than his corporate globalist handlers.

Pastor Bret McAtee makes a very good point on Christians and Military Service in this post Read it, and think about it.

Till next time…

The World According to Monsanto