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An October Memory

A few years back Little John and I were walking through a large retail store in Binghamton. We had to go, didn’t really want to. Before we left we put on our good bib overalls, our going to town John Deere hats and our clean boots. It was the last week of October, a few days before halloween, but that had not really crossed my mind. We were walking along minding our business and some women starts pointing at us saying to her friends, “Oh, look at these guys! What great costumes!” She looks at us and says, “That is sooo cute, are you guys supposed to be farmers?” I didn’t ruin her fun by telling her that “them was just our regular clothes” and yes we were “supposed to be farmers”. And people wonder why I don’t go out much 🙂


Farm Pictures

Here’s a few pictures from the new place. I took some of the inside of the barn but they didn’t turn out.











I Love My Country

This is great, you’ve got to watch it.

News You Might Have Missed

Wisconsin Amish man tried for NAIS non compliance. See stories Here and Here.

If you remember back a while ago, everyone was talking about HP Hood dropping a number of Organic dairy farms in Maine. Of course the worst part of it all is that no other buyers or coops are taking any new milk, so these folks were in a bad spot. I’m happy to see that 10 family farms have joined forces to start a new coop and label, with hopes of marketing milk locally. Heres the story reported in the Bangor Daily News.

A heads up on a bill introduced in the senate. S 773, “The Cybersecurity Act of 2009” is doozy. This bill will give sweeping new powers to “shut down” all private internet in the event of a “cybersecurity emergency” — a vague term that the President can define at his discretion. I’ve told everyone this was coming, and most people thought I was nuts. You might want to call your senators now.

Here’s some good news, Northeast Dairy Farmers File Suit Against DFA and Dean Foods.

Not good news, but you better read it anyway.

Gerald Celente on Russia Today

Gerald Celente is the world’s foremost trends forecaster. I’ve been following him for a few years and he knows whats going on. He was featured in the Obama Deception movie that I posted on the old blog. Russia Today has interviewed him a few times this year.

Dairymen March on EU

Milk Protest

From the NY Times…

After months of complaints by European dairy farmers angry over low prices, protesters in Brussels on Monday poured milk onto the streets, hurled eggs and other missiles, and started fires that filled the air with black smoke.

Police helicopters hovered overhead as hundreds of tractors — and some cattle — blockaded the area outside the European Union’s headquarters while agriculture ministers met in an emergency meeting.

Whole article by Stephen Castle here.

Agriculture and Economy

I recently heard a State senator from this area defending agriculture as a chief wealth creator in our economy. He said that he has been trying to make the city boys in Albany understand the importance of the family farm. I found his numbers to be interesting, he claimed that every dairy cow in NY generates $14,000 through the multiplier effect in our state’s economy. He told the Governor that every cow lost in upstate NY was like losing 1 minimum wage job. Readers here understand this basic concept of agriculture as the wealth creator in all economies, but it was refreshing to hear this man sharing it with others. Ben Franklin in his Positions to be Examined Concerning National Wealth (1769) concluded there were but three ways for a nation to generate wealth….

1. By War, which permits taking by force the wealth of other nations.

2. By Trade, which to be profitable requires cheating. For example if we give and receive an equal amount of goods and services through trade, there is no profit other than that obtained in our own production cycle.

3. By Agriculture, through which we plant the seeds and create new wealth as if by miracle.

In our circles we talk a great deal about fiat money, the Federal Reserve and the great sin of Usury. These things are important, very important, but we must also address the question of were REAL wealth comes from. True, the the Fed creating paper out of nothing is not real wealth. But we must not replace it with some other scheme that won’t work either. As more and more people see insanity of the current system it creates a great opportunity to get this message out. The failure of the current economy is good news. As RJ Rushdoony stated years ago….

The world is moving into the greatest economic crisis of history. It is a religious crisis, the product of man’s efforts to play god and to control all things. For humanistic man, freedom is anathema, because it runs counter to scientific planning and control. The growing crisis is thus a religious one, and we must see it as God’s judgment on a false and rival order. The crisis must be seen as good news, as evidence that God is at war, that the wages of sin in any sphere are always death, and that every tower of Babel man erects has a common destiny, disaster and confusion. The Lord is at work; let the people rejoice.

On this subject of raw materials economics I recently read a very good article by Tim Wightman. Heirloom Economy is an interesting read and was just posted on the NOPDA website. Be sure to read it and let me know what you think, and by all means share it with others who need to wake up. I found this quote on how much wealth we’ve lost as a nation on this phony economy built on consumption instead of production to a real eye opener…

How much money did the economy lose by moving to a consumer driven economy?

From 1952 to 1982 we have conservative estimates of five trillion dollars ($5,000,000,000,000) removed from the U.S. economy from the creation of the first Farm Bill and it’s upwards creation of the money flow. We moved the money out of the hands and purchasing
power of the local economy to corporations, even though everyone lost out on the five trillion not produced in the process.

As I said its a good read and I hope you check it out. I need to get back out the barn where my cows are eating forage from the earth and converting it into high quality, high solids, organic milk. Sort of an old fashioned “economic stimulus program”.